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dbm-translations offers translation services for all languages and technical fields: from financial or marketing translations to legal translations to technical translations and many others. Accomplished professional translators from around the world translate your text adequately into the desired target language by applying their extensive technical knowledge. All translators working for dbm-translations are native speakers and possess dual qualifications: Their impeccable mastery of language and their acute technical expertise allow them to thoroughly understand the text they are working with and to turn the original into a translation that is accurate and to the point.

We are not satisfied until the translation has the same message and reflects the same intention as the original text. Our quality standards include the observance of the aspect of CI conformity and the particularities of the local target market.

All certified translations of official documents, certificates, deeds and similar documents are completed exclusively by translators authorised to make such translations and reviewed once again by our quality assurance department.

We employ state-of-the-art techniques to optimise the translation process. These include the use of terminology management and translation memory. The uniformity of the text that results from the consistent use of the applicable terminology ensures that the translations are perfectly comprehensible. Effective terminology management results in greater efficiency, significant savings in time, reduced costs and improved quality. At the other end of the project, our translators use so-called Translation Memory Systems (TMS) that allow them to retrieve portions of sentences or texts from previous translations from a database. This is another element that helps save time and money for our customers.


Strike the right note in every language with website localization

No business can do without a website any more. The advantage to a company of being visible on the Internet are obvious: Never before has it been easier to reach out to millions of people world-wide – across long distances as well as national and cultural boundaries. We translate the contents of your website into any language you need and adapt them, if necessary, to the specific circumstances present in the respective company. After all, the primary objective of a website is to actually attract people to visit your site. Well-versed in handling texts that vary greatly in terms of their stylistic make-up, our translators are capable of translating every single portion of your website.

A good option for most websites is to commission the translator to also translate the copyright notice aside from translating and localising the website. We can create a new version of your website from scratch and tailor it to your desired target language and the cultural singularities that go along with this conversion. Employing the latest technology, we are capable of making translations that are fit for integration into any content management system including TYPO3, Joomla and WordPress.

Adapt text elements and documents with linguistic precision using software localization

Localising software for the requirements of other markets is essential for any global player operating a website. We entrust our experienced translators with translating the text segments of the user interface (GUI) along with other documents into the desired language while leaving the adjustments that need to be made to the customer’s hardware and software to the specially trained experts in our employ. This approach ensures that our linguistic and technological expertise work seamlessly together, polishing both the form and content of your website to make it ready for the intended market.

Desktop publishing

In desktop publishing, layouts and graphics as well as tables of contents and cross-references are adapted to the target language.

The digital preparation of a document for publication in printed or electronic form is a process that is composed of several steps. Among others, these steps include the modification of the layout and the graphics, the tables of content and the cross references into several languages. This process also involves editing or, if necessary, completely revamping presentations comprised of different kinds of media.

Together with our DTP specialists and translators we offer you a complete package that includes the translation and copy-editing of your text as well as the graphical preparation and subsequent delivery of the finished product. For orders that require design work we use CAD software. We have developed a filter that allows us to translate all CAD formats at low cost.

Our layout applications: e.g. Adobe InDesign
Image and graphic processing applications: e.g. Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
Platforms: macOS and Windows


Post-editing is the process of revising machine-translated texts by professional translators. Texts by professional translators. Although machine translations have made great progress in recent years, they are still not perfect. There is often a lack of accuracy and stylistic quality or a lack of compliance with customer specifications. Post-editing makes it possible to correct these shortcomings and adapt the text to the desired requirements.

The advantages of post-editings

Improved quality

Post-editing significantly improves the accuracy and quality of your texts. Our experienced linguists check and correct the machine-translated text to ensure that it meets your requirements and expectations. Your specifications are our top priority.

Time saving

By using post-editing, you can save valuable time. Instead of having the entire text translated manually, you can build on the existing machine translation and have it optimized by our experienced translators.

Cost optimization

Post-editing is a cost-effective solution compared to full manual translation. You can benefit from the advantages of machine translation while ensuring that your texts are professional and error-free.

How can you benefit from our post-editing service?

Our team of qualified linguists is at your disposal to revise and optimize your texts to the highest standard. Whether it’s technical documents, marketing materials or website content, we offer customized solutions for your individual requirements.

Contact us today to find out more about our post-editing services and receive a no-obligation quote. We look forward to helping you perfect your copy and take your communications to the next level.

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